Stay Tuned for Danger: A Nancy Drew Review #2

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Mattie Jensen, a star on the popular soap opera Light of Our Love, invites Nancy to stay with her in New York in order to investigate a series of death threats aimed at her co-star. The victim, Rick Arlen, seems unconcerned about the threats and refuses to go to the police, despite the increasing severity of his stalker’s actions.

One Giant Problem

Stay Tuned for Danger is quite old for a computer game. 18 years old, in fact.

My computer is not old. It is very new.

The two didn’t play well together.

I played off my hard-copy disk and my computer refused to support the game’s sound, even while running in compatibility mode. Even my partner – magical computer genie that he is – couldn’t finagle it into working. But I’m stubborn, and knew that I wanted to play every single game, so I decided to play it without sound.

Turns out, sound is a big part of what makes the Nancy Drew games fun for me. It just wasn’t the same without the background music, character voices, and sound effects. It was so much less fun that I ended up starting my Senior Detective game over with the difficulty at Junior Detective, just so things would go by a little faster. And I used the forums way more than I should have for the same reason. I just wanted to move on to the next one.

But, I do want to give credit to Her Interactive for their work on subtitling the game. STfD’s closed captioning is truly exceptional, and allowed me to enjoy the dialog even without the sound. Thank goodness, because a great deal of the game is spent in conversations.

Also, the game is now available in a remastered edition from, so you don’t have to worry about any of that!


The first person Nancy meets is Mattie Jensen, her hostess and the reason Nancy even has her second case. Mattie is a successful actress and it was nice to have a successful young woman in a place of prominence in the roster. She cares for others and is into traditionally “girly” things, but never comes across as a caricature of young women in general. I remember liking Mattie a lot as a kid, and that hasn’t changed.

Mattie Jensen
Mattie Jensen

Rick Arlen is Mattie’s co-star and the center of the case. Because he stars as the romantic lead of the show, he has a large base of adoring female fans, but if they ever interacted with him, they would maybe be singing a different tune. Rick is skeevy and always seems to be trying to get some from every woman he meets. Including Nancy. When I was younger, I thought it was kind of funny, but now that I’ve met people like this in my own life, I just kind of hated the guy.

Rick Arlen, reminding you to
Rick Arlen, reminding you to “stay beautiful!”

Besides co-staring on Light of Our Love, Rick and Mattie share an agent. Dwayne Powers met Rick and Mattie during the early days of their careers, when they played small theater shows together. Dwayne doesn’t stick out as a character, since Nancy doesn’t interact with him nearly as much as the Rick or Mattie. He’s just kind of there, you know?

Dwayne Powers in his sad office.
Dwayne Powers in his sad office.

Lillian Weiss is the director of Light of Our Love and lets you know it. From square one she makes it known that she doesn’t like you, or anyone really. She’s the stereotypical cold woman of business who will do whatever it takes to get things done. She serves as a barrier for much of the investigation, which stacks the deck against her as a character.

Lillian and her resting ***** face.
Lillian and her permanent scowl.

Above even Lillian on the food chain is Millie Strathorn, the owner of World Wide Broadcasting. Though you’d never know it from the way she keeps herself sequestered away in the prop room. Sometimes it’s hard to know if she even knows she owns the studio. Her sense of reality has become skewed.

Millie is by far the most memorable character of STfD. Even outside of her dottiness, she’s funny, with a genuine sense of humor about everything. The prop room was my favorite area in the game, and a good deal of that was because of Millie.

Mad Millie, owner of WWB and fearless guardian of the prop room.
Mad Millie, owner of WWB and fearless guardian of the prop room.


Getting past the lack of sound took some time and the bug certainly lessened my enjoyment of the game, but it wasn’t the only problem. Her Interactive was still getting into the swing of things with STfD, so the gameplay is rough.

It’s hard to move around in STfD: A big problem when Nancy is constantly moving from one place to another. A lot of times I would click somewhere, thinking that I was going to move in that direction, only to zoom in on something I didn’t care about. And vice-versa. This may be fixed in the new remastered version, but it was certainly a bear to deal with using the original game.

There’s also a lack of puzzles in this game when compared to others in the series. Rather than having Nancy solve something in order to move on, the game was more concerned with having Nancy talk to people and see clues in the correct order. At one point, tired of running around trying to figure out how to activate the next segment of the game, I looked at the forums – only to find that I had done everything, I just hadn’t zoomed in far enough on one item for it to count. I’d read the information on the thing without actually having Nancy read it. Ugh.

Dangerous, but lovely set.
Dangerous, but lovely set.


While I’m glad I played STfD in order to return to the Nancy Drew series’ roots, I’m happy to move on. I don’t recommend it to anyone new to the franchise, as there are so many other games that are much more polished and enjoyable.


Does this post look familiar? It was originally published on my old blog back in October 2015 and has been transplanted here with some light editing.

Stay Tuned for Danger: A Nancy Drew Review #2

5 thoughts on “Stay Tuned for Danger: A Nancy Drew Review #2

  1. enniyaya says:

    now this was the first game I actually owned so I think I might be biased in my fondness for it
    the gameplay was indeed frustrating but I actually like that a lot of it is looking for clues and questioning people. I’m in the super minority when I say that the puzzles are my least favorite part of the games because they end up feeling forced and take me away from the roleplaying-as-Nancy feeling in solving the mystery haha xD
    thanks for the review!


    1. If looking for clues and questioning people is what you like best about the Nancy Drew games, I would recommend checking out Her Story on Steam. Rather than puzzles, you are using a police database to replay clips from interviews in order to figure out what happened in an old crime. It’s very different from the Nancy Drew series, but I think you may like it! It’s a roughly three-hour game, and I loved it:

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